President's Message

Rod Harris

Hopefully by the time you read this, our weather has taken on more of the feel of a warming spring rather than a lingering winter!

During the winter months your Board has been busy qualifying potential vendors and selecting a finalist to manage our landscaping maintenance and improvements next year. See more on the results in Andy's Landscaping Maintenance and Improvements section. Andy discusses our plans for next year including cul-de-sac improvements and commons area path access.

We are financially strong and have the wherewithal to maintain our improved cul-desacs, revamp our remaining cul-de-sacs, and maintain a reserve for those unpredictable summer storms!

Karen discusses our financial condition and budget for this coming year in her Treasurer's Report section.

Finally, we continue to look for volunteers to assist in performing Board-related activities. These include: preparing content for our newsletter three times a year, processing our newsletter (coordinating printing, collating and labeling, and dropping off at the post office), helping to monitor landscaping activities, and keeping in close contact with the City of Novi. If interested, please let me know at !